7 Ways To Decrease Chances of Getting Covid-19 (CORONAVIRUS)

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) is spreading quickly in  every country, by the cause of this disease more than 10.4 million people are ill , and caused at least 510,00 deaths. There is also been 2,653,203 confirmed cases in the world and 127,460 deaths in United state. 

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It is worry for parents but fortunately, specialists say your children aren’t likely to contract the coronavirus without known revelation to the disease that is why social distancing is more important.

Even so, it’s important to be prepared. There are seven ways to decrease your family’s chances of getting the coronavirus.

Practice social distancing:

The coronavirus is a respiratory disease such as cold or flu. Polluted droplets from coughs or sneezes can travel up to six feet, and they can infect people through entering their eyes, nose, or mouth. This is especially terrifying considering that it may be asymptomatic, and it can also spread before people show any symptoms, according to the CDC. Stay away at least six feet  from others, and avoid high-traffic places where transmission is more likely. 

Be cautious in public places:

Despite social distancing orders, people can still go outside for essential purposes such as grocery shopping. Make sure to take all necessary precautions.

Consider wearing a face mask:

You should always wear a mask in public places if you don’t feel well, since the barrier could block your infected droplets from polluting others , that’s why it is more important to wear a mask.

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Disinfect your home and belongings:

According to the CDC, the coronavirus may be able to survive for 24 hours on cardboard, three hours in the air, four hours on copper,  and two to three days on stainless steel and plastic. Its too important to sanitize key things in your home like your countertops after placing grocery bags on them to lower your chances of getting the coronavirus.

Teach your kids not to touch their faces:

If contaiminated droplets get into a child’s nose or mouth, he can become ill with the disease.To avoid your kids to touching their faces in another people.

Make sure kids wash their hands:

The best way to decrease your chances of getting the COVID-19 is practicing proper hand hygiene. Emphasize your children wash hand with handwash and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure they clean up before eating anything, when you are return from being in public place and before touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. You can also use hand sanitizer which is protect you from COVID-19 bacteria.

Use caution when traveling:

The White House temporarily closed for all European travellers and the CDC now suggests avoiding all non essential international travel. If you do travel by plane, avoid people who look ill, wash your hands often, and use senitizer.

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